Quotes from Qooxdoo Users

Thomas C. Saddul, CEO and Chief Architect, Digital Software Technology Consultancy
"In late 2014, we searched and evaluated many Javascript UI frameworks in order to find the best suited for veteran C# programmers who are dependent on Visual Studio IDE. We finally decided to use the Qooxdoo UI framework, since it is easy to learn for developers who prefer to write their UI through code rather than using HTML markup and the hierarchy of classes in Qooxdoo is similar to C# built-in framework class library.
Choosing Qooxdoo was the best decision we ever made!
Though qooxdoo has been around for many years, its design and methodology are now earning more popularity these days, just like SwiftUI, Flutter, Kotlin UI DSL and .NET MAUI.
Qooxdoo really shines when developing and maintaining large and complex browser-based systems especially when used with the TypeScript language (https://github.com/jbaron/qx-typed)."
Gianluca Pivato, Ice Tea Group (Wisej)
"We have evaluated every single JavaScript framework out there before deciding to use qooxdoo to power the client side of Wisej. In our view, Qooxdoo is by far the most reliable, flexible, and well designed JavaScript library for the type of massive business applications we address."

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Quotes from Qooxdoo Core Team Members

Christian Boulanger
"I have been using qooxdoo since version 0.5, which dates from 2006. Coming from an earlier version of what is now the dojo toolkit, I was impressed by the amount of attention given to architectural design and documentation of the framework. Qooxdoo's cross-browser compatibility and longterm stability and backwards-compatibility is legendary. Upgrades to newer versions have consistently been painless, and my production app has never had any problems with browser version changes."
Fritz Zaucker
"My longest running production application dates back to 2008 using Qooxdion version 0.7 and was continuously upgraded to now Qooxdoo 6.0.0. Migration was often completely automated by Qooxdoo's migration scripts, rarely needing mostly minor code adjustments. Not having to bother with browser specific implementations of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript language versions made life a lot easier. With the switch to the new Qooxdoo compiler these abstractions became even more powerful, allowing the use of modern JavaScript syntax and semantics which can be compiled down to "older" language versions through the built-in Babel support. Qooxdoo's powerful theming mechanism makes it reasonably easy to provide customers with their desired look and feel, consistently throughout even large applications."
Dmitry Zolotov, LLC "NPP Yugpromavtomatizacia"
"Our company develops SCADA systems. We write code in C++ and C# and for GUI use Qt and WinForms.
I was entrusted to find a decent technology for making Web applications. And qooxdoo was chosen which fitted many requirements: it has to be available under free license, be well-documented, an application developed with it should look like a desktop one and most important be similar with GUI frameworks we use (also friendly for programmers).
So the first Web-client based on this framework has been developed. Qooxdoo showed its best side and we are going to use it further. If you need a solid framework for complex applications or systems, qooxdoo is what you are looking for."
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