Qooxdoo development is mainly done by opensource software enthusiasts in their free time and supported by a few companies using Qooxdoo in customer projects.


We accept financial support through donations. We currently plan to use such funds for the promotion of Qooxdoo, for example at conferences.


You can also use traditional banking transactions to send us your contributions by paying directly to our account here in Switzerland avoiding transaction fees being deducted from your donation:

IBAN CH61 0900 0000 1563 5111 7
Verein qooxdoo.org

Please let us know if you want to be listed in the following section.


Direct financial support has been received by the following donors who allowed us to list their contributions:

We also accept donations from parties that don't want to be listed publically.


Ice Tea Group LLC (Wisej)
Qooxdoo software development
Oetiker+Partner AG
Qooxdoo software development, administration of Qooxdoo foundation
Zenesis Ltd
Qooxdoo software development

If you our your company want to sponsor extensions to Qooxdoo needed in your projects, please get in touch at info@qooxdoo.org

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