The Developers

Qooxdoo is a community-lead, open-source project with a core team of developers

Christian Boulanger

GitHub github.com/cboulanger

Christian Boulanger is a Berlin-based social scientist, part-time coder, and open source enthusiast (JavaScript/NodeJS/PHP). For his personal needs, he developed Bibliograph , an online bibliographic data manager, which has been based on Qooxdoo since 2005, and is used by Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin's Law Faculty since 2011.

Derrell Lipman

GitHub github.com/derrell

Derrell Lipman has been working at the cutting edge of, and innovating in the computer science arena for 40+ years, including porting Unix Version 7 to the PDP-11, and inventing windows before Bill and friends. He has been an active contributor to qooxdoo for about 15 years. Derrell has a BS in Computer Science from University of the Pacific, and masters and Ph.D. from University of Massachusets, Lowell. Professionally, Derrell currently holds the title of Principal Innovation Architect. Derrell enjoys spending time with his family, playing racquetball and ping pong, running around with and training his puppy, and is a mentor for the local high school's FIRST (FRC) robotics team.

Henner Kollmann

GitHub github.com/hkollmann

Henner Kollmann has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the RWTH in Aachen. He is working for aucos Ag as senior software developer with Delphi, Java, Javascript, C++, Qt and SQL. In his freetime he supports since 2010 the developing of VZAweb: web-based traffic census data base which is fully based on qooxdoo.

John Spackman

GitHub github.com/johnspackman
Works For: Zenesis Ltd
Website: https://www.zenesis.com

John Spackman is a life-long software developer, starting in C and C++ before ending up in Java and Javascript, with a brief diversion into Delphi. John builds software systems for corporates, sometimes managing large quantities of data and code - John's company, Zenesis Ltd, actively maintains around a million lines of code in production systems. On his days off, John enjoys rebuilding rotary engines and working on his small holding with his extended family of 4 generations, dogs, cats, sheep, pigs, geese, turkeys...and a horse.

Tobi Oetiker

GitHub github.com/oetiker
Website: https://www.oetiker.ch/en/

Tobi Oetiker has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the ETH in Zurich. He published hist first OpenSource software package in 1994. A network monitoring script named MRTG which became quite popular back in the day. Tobi lives in Switzerland and co-owns a small software and sysadmin company. His favorite programming Languages are Perl and JavaScript and he is still looking for an excuse todo a project in Rust.

Fritz Zaucker

GitHub github.com/zaucker
Website: https://www.oetiker.ch/en/

After getting a degree in physics and chemistry, Fritz Zaucker spent some years in New York working on a PhD in environmental physics which he received from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. After a couple of years working in climate change research he returned to Europe and led the IT support group of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at ETH Zurich. Occasionally Fritz is teaching introductionary courses internet technologies and databases and since 2007 is managing director of OETIKER+PARTNER AG, Olten, Switzerland.

All Contributors, Past and Present

For all contributors to the Qooxdoo codebase since 2009, see the GitHub contributor page.

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