Build rich, single page applications

Build rich, Single Page Applications using OO development, with no CSS or HTML required - Qooxdoo applications are cross platform, run on any browser or NodeJS, and can be coded in latest ES6 everywhere (including server and mobile)

Versatile and powerful

Qooxdoo offers a wide range of widgets and UI components, plus powerful server I/O communication.

Comprehensive Test Suite

Built-in unit testing framework with unit tests across the API and User Interface testing

Extensive Documentation

With its well thought out and mature object oriented architecture, comprehensive documentation, and Tutorials to get you started, Qooxdoo is the perfect choice for beginners and for seasoned developers alike. The interactive API Viewer is also available for your own code.

Built-in Tools

100% JavaScript toolchain and applications, including a Compiler, an Interactive Playground, a browser for Application Components and for individual Widgets, and an API Viewer.

Everything for robust web application development

Battle tested

Qooxdoo is used in a large number of enterprise applications, including in hospitals, universities, schools, research institutions, businesses, and public administration. See some of these uses in our portfolio.

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