qooxdoo 3.0.1 (2013-09-11)


This is a regular patch release, which includes some important bug fixes over the previous release. It is fully backwards-compatible to qooxdoo 3.0. Nothing needs to be changed in the JavaScript code of your existing apps if they are based on the previous 3.0 release.

Main reasons for this release were:

  • A regression in the knob positioning of the Slider widget.
  • A regression in the dependency analysis of the Generator.
  • Support for iOS 7.

Bugfixes & Enhancements

See the corresponding bugzilla query for the issues resolved for qooxdoo 3.0.1.


Browser Support

  • Fixed request animation frame handling for newer Webkits including iOS7. (#7691)
  • Better history handling in IE8/9 when using iframes (6194).


  • Serialize request data as JSON if setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/json") was called earlier (#7665)


  • getNext() and getPrev() return a collection now. (#7609)


UI Core

  • Fixed clipping of combined images. (#7601)


  • Group header of form double renderer is aligned left now.
  • Prevent closing of popups when clicking on the scrollbar buttons of selectbox and combobox. (#7655)
  • Fixed slider rendering in the Indigo (default) theme and the Simple theme. (#7587)


  • Fixed JavaScript/Flash communication (#7681)
  • Fixed dispose of the color popup when the color selector window has been opened.
  • Fixed rendering of HTML embed for IE9. (#7679)
  • Prevent the Desktop widget from growing if a window is moved beyond its edges. (#4718)
  • Fixed relayouting of qx.ui.tabview.TabButton after icon reset (#5622)


  • On iOS 7 the page headers were partially covered by the browser's tab bar (7717)
  • Popup could not switch between anchor and non-anchor mode (7621)
  • Page transition "Dissolve" is now deprecated (7540)
  • Textarea did not allow for "Return" key (7334)
  • Textarea was not editable when placed into a popup (7622)
  • Buttons did not show ellipsis when dimension was very small (7610)
  • Improved rendering performance of Picker slots (7605)
  • qx.Mobile form label was invisible sometimes (7590)



  • Fixed theme switch for Decorator demo.


  • Fixed initial size of the desktop play area.

API Viewer

  • @see links work in class comments now.


  • Ensured compatibility with Selenium 2.34.0 (#7663)


  • Path calculation mishandled capitalization under Windows (7602).
  • List available skeleton types when a wrong type has been given. (#7628)


  • Fixed regression in dependency analysis where references to local classes were not handled correctly (7708).


  • Some bug fixes in the variant optimizer, particularly in the code elimination: There was a method call on a wrong object (7623), the computation of a constant division was rounding results to integers (7604), and guard against using incompletely evaluated subexpressions (7672).
  • Protect from optimizing non-literal maps (7486).


  • Better support for one-liner JSDoc comments (7648).

Known Issues

  • The automatic resizing feature of qx.ui.form.TextArea doesn't work in IE 8-10 (#7599)