Initiator and Maintainer

1&1 is one of world's leading web hosting providers. Back in 2004 it initiated the development of a ground-breaking new JavaScript framework, that should soon become known as "qooxdoo". 1&1 has always been an active supporter of Open Source Software, so qooxdoo was registered as an LGPL-licensed project (later extended to an LGPL/EPL dual-license) at SourceForge in 01/2005, a month before the term "AJAX" was even coined.

1&1 provides technical infrastructure and also employs many of the core developers, improving this free, enterprise-proven JavaScript framework in collaboration with a vibrant open-source community.

United Internet, the public parent company of 1&1, was founded in 1988. The United Internet Group (listed on the stock exchange: ISIN DE0005089031) with its 7,800 employees worldwide stands for outstanding operational excellence for around 47 million customer accounts in 11 countries, at 7 data centers with around 70,000 servers.

Cooperation Partners

There is an increasing number of cooperation partners involved, who bring in their know-how and resources to make this open source project even more mature and advanced.

STZ-IDA is a transfer orientated center within the Steinbeis Network. It joined forces in developing a common AJAX framework at an early stage, which lead to qooxdoo 0.6 including contributions like virtual table widget and API viewer.

Another exciting cooperation is with EclipseSource (formerly Innoopract), a strategic member of the Eclipse foundation, who builds and establishes the RAP platform for enterprise Ajax applications.

It is impossible to list all the various cooperation partners, that are directly or indirectly involved in the project. Many of those companies chose to base their applications, products or tools on the innovative qooxdoo framework. Just to name a few, this partner network includes international companies and technology leaders such as the former Borland/Codegear (Delphi For PHP), (SmartDrive) and GMX (Free webmail).

Core Developers

The following people form the core team of qooxdoo, supporting its advancement in terms of development, release management and project. (in chronological order of starting in the core team):

  • Andreas Ecker (ecker)
    Project lead and Co-creator.

    It was back in 1994 that I instantly fell in love with a fantastic new medium called the "World Wide Web" and a browser by the name of "XMosaic". Ever since that time I have been enjoying to leverage all those fancy web technologies. After my studies at the University of Karlsruhe/Germany and Oregon State University I've had several internet-related job positions since 1995. Survived some promising start-ups and finally the dot-com bubble burst, but never stopped programming and believing in JavaScript. Joined 1&1 in 2004, co-created "qooxdoo" in early 2005 as an innovative open source framework. The future of advanced browser-based applications has just begun, and I'm excited to be working at the very forefront of web technologies.

  • Alex Steitz (née Back) (asteitz)
    Core Developer.

    Before joining 1&1 (back in 2005) I've completed my Diploma in Business Informatics and worked for a smaller firm that developed their own CMS. Developing both server-side and client-side I always felt myself a little more comfortable at the client-side of life ;-)
    Shortly after I joined 1&1 qooxdoo was created, so I can claim for myself to be part of this very cool project right from its beginning. Huzzah!
    Along with the work on qooxdoo I deepened my knowledge in JavaScript (never really developed the OO-way with JavaScript before) and especially the differences between browsers (when developing a rich-text editing component you really can't avoid it).
    Besides sitting in front of a computer I appreciate reading interesting books in combination with a tasteful glass of wine.

  • Christian Hagendorn (née Schmidt) (Hagendorn) [Twitter]
    Core Developer.

    Before I started my studies in computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe/Germany, I finished a professional education in a small IT company. In September 2008 I finished my Diploma thesis about using Flash for a charting solution of the Eclipse Rich AJAX Platform. During that time I learned a lot about qooxdoo, RAP and Flash.
    I was very happy to join the qooxdoo team after my thesis, because qooxdoo is such a cool framework. :-)

  • Daniel Wagner (danielwagner)
    Core Developer, Test Manager.

    Ever since I first got on the Internet back in 1996, I knew I wanted to work in this rapidly evolving environment. After graduating from the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences with a diploma in Information Management, I spent five years doing mostly HTML/CSS and XSL work with a dash of web design for a small startup company. I barely scratched the surface of object oriented Javascript development during that time so I'm very excited about the opportunity to expand my knowledge while working on the qooxdoo framework.
    In my spare time I enjoy reading, playing video games and following (almost) every kind of motor racing there is.

  • Martin Wittemann (wittemann) [Twitter]
    Framework Architect, Tech Lead

    I came to the qooxdoo team for my Bachelor thesis (developing the qooxdoo Inspector debugging tool) in 2007. That's where I got the first deeper insight into JavaScript and I really liked it, so I decided to work during my studies for the Masters degree again with my favorite language. This continues with writing my Master thesis about data binding in the qooxdoo team. My thesis ended in spring 2009 and since then I am a full member of the qooxdoo team.

  • Mustafa Sak (msak)
    Core Developer

    As a co-founder of a Bremen-based startup focusing on Web Applications I was able to work on many exciting projects for world-wide operating corporations. Back in these days (the year 2000) web developers did both frontend and backend development tasks."
    After the burst of the New Economy bubble I shifted my focus completely to frontend development. JavaScript started - with the help of frameworks - to get a grown-up and made it possible to write "real" applications on the client-side. I had my first contact with qoooxdoo. From 2009 till 2012 I developed web applications for my customers based on qooxdoo. The types of projects ranged from price comparison sites to administrative software for schools and public transport companies. qooxdoo made it possible for me to create enterprise-ready solutions based on JavaScript. At the end of 2011 I got an offer to work on a project to develop the cloud client software of 1&1 (based on qooxdoo). Since then I'm a core developer of qooxdoo and can experience the further development of qooxdoo at first hand.

  • Richard Sternagel (rsternagel)
    Core Developer.

    I studied Computer Science and Media in Mosbach and since then worked with several technologies and programming languages (e.g. Java, PHP and JavaScript). I'm having most fun when fiddling around with web technologies and dynamic languages (particularly Python and JavaScript), using eXtreme Programming practices and exploring the Mozilla ecosystem. So the work at qooxdoo seems to be the perfect fit. It makes fun living in such a vibrant environment which the web surely is.

  • Andreas Parusel (aparusel) [Twitter]
    Core Developer.

    I joined the qooxdoo team for writing my diploma thesis about server-controlled testing on mobile devices back in 2012. After I got asked to stay I didn't have to think twice!
    Since then I have mainly worked on bringing qooxdoo to life in several internal web and mobile applications. I'm especially passionate about mobile development and blurring the lines between web-based and native user experiences on mobile devices.
    Besides coding I'm also running the team's ministry of fun ensuring continuous delivery of (mostly bad) jokes! ;-)

  • Tobias Oberrauch
    Core Developer.

    Before I worked for qooxdoo I was frontend developer at the DIY (Do-it-yourslef homepage) and several web agencies. In the last 10 years I learned a lot about programming languages (PHP, JavaScript), development processes (Scrum and Kanban) and web technologies (CSS3, HTML5). My focus on the qooxdoo's generator and tool chain. I fill my spare time with sports and learning arabic. My plan is become an (web) evangelist for qooxdoo and web technologies. Furthermore I want to help the qooxdoo community to build great applications :)

Committers and Contributors

The following developers play an important role in qooxdoo's progress by both contributing and maintaining very exciting and substantial features. They also take a special interest in discussing the framework's technical directions and are an invaluable source of know-how and expertise.

  • Christopher Zündorf (czuendorf)
    Former Core Developer.

    I studied Business Informatics at the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz, Germany. While at my bachelor thesis about social bookmarking I encountered the newest web technologies and several JavaScript frameworks. After five years of programming experience in Java, I decided to expand my knowledge about web technologies, especially JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. That is why I joined the qooxdoo team. It combines my knowledge about object-oriented programming languages with my curiosity for web technologies, perfectly.

  • Thomas Herchenröder (thron7)
    Former Core developer

    I had a bit of a journey, from applied maths to GUIs to Unix/C development, to network services and security, to Web development, with a stint into knowledge representation and natural language processing. I was always very interested in programming languages, with a special love for dynamic ones, so Javascript and Python are perfect matches. Add regexps, state systems, functional and concurrent programming to the mix. Currently, a natural addition is parsing and compilers, since I focus on qooxdoo's generator and tool chain, and domain-specific languages for the config files.

  • Tino Butz (tjbutz) [Twitter]
    Former Mobile Architect.

    I first got in touch with the qooxdoo framework while writing my diploma thesis back in the year 2006. After I had finished my studies, as chance would have it, I started to work for 1&1 as a frontend developer, developing a RIA mail client ( with qooxdoo. In this time I have developed my passion for JavaScript, tricky browser problems and web application performance. This passion in general, and my growing interest in mobile JavaScript solutions in particular, led me to the qooxdoo team for the mobile strategy of the framework.

  • Tristan Koch (trkoch) [Twitter]
    Former Core Developer.

    Before I joined the qooxdoo team, I worked at a small media agency where I did the usual HTML/CSS work, came in touch with web frameworks (both on the frontend and backend side) and got into mobile web development. I studied Digital Media at the Duale Hochschule Mannheim, Germany, where I wrote my thesis about HTML5 and related APIs. It was then when my belief in JavaScript as the key language of the modern web formed. And isn't JavaScript everywhere now? Still, JavaScript without a framework is half the fun. And here comes qooxdoo! To me, qooxdoo is an impressively powerful framework with a clean object-oriented design. So I'm obviously very happy to be part of the core team! Off the computer, I enjoy cooking (mainly Italian & Asian) and climbing (indoor & outdoor).

  • Fabian Jakobs (fjakobs) [Blog] [Twitter] [LinkedIn] [Xing]
    Former Framework Architect.

    I first learned about qooxdoo while evaluating AJAX frameworks during my Diploma thesis in 2006. It came much to a surprise for us that the, at that time, little known framework turned out to exactly match our evaluation criteria. Fascinated by the potential of rich JavaScript based web applications I joined the qooxdoo team as a core developer till 03.2010. My work involved the design and implementation of the new widget and layout system in qooxdoo 0.8.
    Off the computer I enjoy playing volleyball. I prefer beach volleyball, but since the weather doesn't allow playing it in the winter I play indoors as well.

  • Jonathan Weiß (née Rass) (jonathan_rass) [Blog] [LinkedIn] [Xing] [StackOverflow]
    Former Core Developer.

    I am an IT application specialist, who has always been fascinated by programming. In 1998 I got in touch with the Internet at my first job at a start-up company. Since then I focused on web technologies, particularly on developing web applications with open source technologies.
    While working on an API for a Business Intelligence company I discovered what I like the most: creating a solid foundation for other developers to build diversified applications. So I joined 1&1 and worked as a member of the core team til 06.2010 to combine my interest in the web with my passion for a development foundation by working on qooxdoo.

  • Adrian Olaru (adrianolaru)
    Former Core Developer.

    I built my first web site back in 1998. It was a crappy one, table-based and with lots of images, but I was completely hooked. After a while, I started building web sites and applications professionally, constantly improving myself. Fast forward into the future: after working with a lot of different programming languages (i.e. C#, Python, Ruby), I find JavaScript to be the perfect match for me. And now with all the new futures of HTML5 and server-side JavaScript, I am very excited to be part of this world.

  • Gabriel Munteanu (gabios)
    Former Core Developer.

    I have a Java background, developing the server side part of websites. Not having a frontend developer in house, i offered to take that responsibility on my shoulders and never looked back. I did a frontend updated in real-time with long polling, and after leaving that company JavaScript was my main programming language. I consumed most aspects of this terrific language, getting dirty doing web games, Greasemonkey scripts, Firefox addons, server side apps... I started meeting other JavaScript enthusiasts in Bucharest, talking about the latest news, starting flame wars about frameworks, wanting to be part of their teams. Finally it happened for me, joining the qooxdoo team and looking forward to be part of its success.

  • Sebastian Werner (wpbasti) [LinkedIn]
    Former Framework Architect and Co-creator of qooxdoo, now at a new job outside the core team. For some time and still the biggest contributor to the project with more than 6000 commits. Continues to follow the project and tries to give comments on architectural discussion as time allows.
  • Derrell Lipman (derrell)
    PHP RPC backend, Table extensions, (virtual) Tree, and more
  • Andreas Junghans (lucidcake)
    RPC mechanism, Java RPC backend, core framework features, and more
  • Michael Hartmeier (mlhartme)
    qooxdoo Web Toolkit (QWT)
  • Til Schneider (til132)
    API viewer, Table main contribution, Logging, and more

  • Yücel Beser (ybeser)
    Playground, Toolbox
  • Nick Glenncross
    Perl RPC backend
  • Alessandro Sala (asala)
    Build process, JavaScript parsing and optimizing
  • David Perez (david-perez)
    Date chooser, internationalization, and more
  • Dietrich Streifert (level420)
    Date chooser, XML, and more

And many others. See the list of committers for both code repositories qooxdoo and qooxdoo-contrib.