This section is maintained by the qooxdoo community. Here is how you can contribute.


This project provides an infrastructure for volunteers to translate the language-specific parts of qooxdoo. This includes texts in the framework as well as in some applications (e.g. feedreader, etc.).

The data to be translated has originally been extracted from the JavaScript source code. It is in English and is provided in form of a "po" file for each language (or locale). For conveniently translating a "po" file you can use one of the native applications ("po editors"). For more info please consult the documentation on internationalization.

Your help needed

It would be great if you could help with updating the existing translations. To see what translation files are already available, browse the code repository of this Translation project. Open the folder whose name corresponds to the qooxdoo version you like to help translating. Inside the folders for the framework and the various apps, pick the .po files of your preferred language.

If you like to help with updating existing translations or adding new languages please contact

You can work with the files in the qooxdoo-contrib repository in various ways:

  • preferred is to manipulate the files with your SVN client directly. You need to have appropriate SVN access rights.
  • or you can download and mail the files. This means more manual work by the core developers.

Please note: when translating the files for the frameowrk, you can ignore the terms starting with test , as they are only being used internally by the unit tests.

Thanks a lot for your support!