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A qooxdoo JSON-RPC Server in Python.

The RpcPython project provides JSON-RPC backend functionality for web applications using the qooxdoo library ( ) or simply requiring a JSON-RPC compatible datasource.

RpcPython includes and continues the currently unmaintained qxjsonrpc package (Original Author: Viktor Ferenczi,, see original documentation).


1. Python (2.4,2.5, 2.6 should work): The python you use for the qooxdoo toolchain.

2. JSON serializer package. At least one supported package must be installed. Supported packages:


No installation is necessary, the qxjsonrpc library is shipped with this contrib for easier maintenance and upgrade. A local package is also used so there is no conflict with a site-wide installed qxjsonrpc package.


  • Start the server by "python". The server listenes on port 8000. You can configure the port in the script.
  • The server imports service classes and calls the service methods. It receives a service name in dot-separated path format and expect to find the class containing the service in a file. If the service name is "", the class is named "Baz" in the "" module, located in "foo/bar/" somewhere on the python class path.
  • The class file is dynamically loaded and the service object instantiated when the request is received (will be done only once for each service object).
  • The classes and methods are protected. The service class is only executed if it is a subclass of qxjsonrpc.server.JsonRpcService and if the called method contains the "public" decorator.

Example: qooxdoo client calls

  • service: "qooxdoo.test"
  • method: "echo"
  • params: ["Hello World']

File class/qooxdoo/

from qxjsonrpc import public, fail
from qxjsonrpc.server import JsonRpcService
class Test( JsonRpcService ):
    def echo(self, v):
        return 'Client said: [ %s ]'%(v,)


Use the RpcConsole contrib project as a frontend to test the service classes of your python backend.


  • Viktor Ferenczi <python (at)> (Original author of qxjsonrpc)
  • Christian Boulanger <info (at)> (Server wrapper, RpcPython contrib update)