This section is maintained by the qooxdoo community. Here is how you can contribute.



The main purpose of qooxdoo-contrib is:

  • Sharing of qooxdoo related code with other users
  • Incubator for code, which might later be integrated into the framework.

qooxdoo-contrib is meant as a central place for projects related to qooxdoo like:

  • New backends
  • Example applications
  • New widgets
  • New qooxdoo classes

In addition to serving as a code repository, contrib provides an infrastructure for easily including contributed code in your custom applications. It features a complete and convenient infrastructure and allows contributors to develop and release their work independent of the state and progress of the qooxdoo core framework. It is also used as an incubator for rather experimental features and early additions to the framework. Due to its very liberal SVN access policy it is also a perfect place for collaboration on new and improved features.

You might also want to use this as a blue print for an internal, non-public infrastructure for sharing qooxdoo-based application code within your organization.


Use the regular qooxdoo-devel mailing list for support and tech discussions about contributions.

To be up-to-date with the all the contribution development you can subscribe to the "qooxdoo-contrib-commit" list. This list will automatically send out mails for each commit into the qooxdoo-contrib code repository. Subscribe/Unsubscribe/Preferences


qooxdoo-contrib is hosted as a regular project at, the world's largest open source software development web site. Contributions can create their own Sourceforge releases and put them online.


Online demos for some (but not all) of the existing contributions are available in a contribution demobrowser. Also see the list of all available contribs.


You can browse the code or check out directly from the repository with the following SVN command:

 svn co qooxdoo-contrib

If you are using TortoiseSVN select SVN Checkout from the context menu in Windows Explorer and use this path:



You may add your feature wishes to qooxdoo-contrib here. You may report bugs or feature enhancements in bugzilla.

  • Support automatic downloading from any svn repository
  • Automatic dependency resolution between contributions