Mailing lists

General list for users and developers

There is one general mailing list for technical discussion, user problems, suggestions and announcements. It is called "qooxdoo-devel".

To be allowed to post to the list you need to subscribe to the list. This measure has been taken to protect the mailing list from spam. Subscription also enables you to automatically receive new postings by email.

Web interfaces / Archives

If you prefer to access both the current as well as the archived postings through a comfortable web interface, please check out one of the following services:

News group interface

It can be more convenient to read a mailing list as if it were a news group. Therefore the qooxdoo mailing list may also be accessed using NNTP using a service of Gmane:

  • nntp://

Please do subscribe to the mailing list as described above even when using the news group interface. Otherwise, your posts will require manual intervention by the admin, who won’t be happy at all!

Using the lists

First you should subscribe to the mailing list. After subscribing you can send emails to the list by using the mailing list address stated in its description. Please note that because of enabled spam protection all messages from non mailing list members will be rejected.

If you rather want to use the mailing list through a news group interface, please read the section News group interface.

If you are new to mailing lists in general, please read RFC 1855 - Netiquette Guidelines, especially the sections 3.1.1 and 3.1.2. Before you ask any questions you should also have a look at How To Ask Questions The Smart Way. If you are familiar with these general guidelines, make sure to also check the qooxdoo specific guidelines.

Please note that these documents are linked here solely for the purpose of information. Their respective authors have nothing do to with qooxdoo and in no case should you send email to them, asking for help related to qooxdoo!

Here are a few key recommendations:

  • Don't send your mails as HTML
  • When answering don't quote the whole thread, just leave some context to understand what you are relating to
  • Write your answer below the quoted text (this make it easier to follow longer conversations)
  • Use meaningful subject lines
  • Don't start a new topic by replying to any other list message

Service lists

You may also want to subscribe to the other available lists. These are not meant for disussion, but keep you up-to-date regarding the internal development activities of the project. Please note, that these service lists tend to generate a high volume of daily mails.

Bug mailing list

qooxdoo-bugs provides information about any changes in qooxdoo's bug and issue tracking system ("bugzilla"):

Commit mailing list

qooxdoo-commit provides information about any code changes in the SVN repositories: