Collection of Ideas for Development


  • File uploads (HTML, Flash (SWFUpload), Java, etc.)
  • Overflow-handling: Chevron


  • Vector graphics layer (SVG, VML, Canvas)
  • Charting



  • Iterative alternative to recursion (limited stack size, tree widget recursion) [AB]
  • Instance pooling
  • Data models
  • Collections
  • Shared qooxdoo code base for documents/iframes that otherwise would need to contain a separate qooxdoo themselves
  • Component architecture
    • Progress in XBL2 for native components in Firefox and Webkit?
  • Performance testing infrastructure


  • App Engines
    • Google App Engine (Python)
    • 10gen (JavaScript)
  • Comet

Low-level DOM Library

  • self-consistent packaging

Offline support

Form handling, Legacy

  • Refining the Transport API (setParameter() vs. setData())
  • Form (de-)serialization
  • Migration path for legacy applications (potentially server-centric MVC frameworks)


Mobile Devices

  • Mobile support
    • iPhone
    • Nokia S60
  • Device support
    • Game consoles (Xbox, Wii, PS3)
    • Tablet PCs
    • Set top boxes

Site Specific Browsers (SSB)


  • Firefox manipulators:
    • GreaseMonkey
    • Platypus
    • ChickenFoot
    • Aardvark
  • IE manipulators:
    • Trixie
    • Turnabout
    • gm4ie
  • Other browsers manipulators:
  • Eclipse manipulators:
    • EclipseMonkey


  • Flash
    • Port of qooxdoo to ActionScript
    • haXe compiler: successor to mtasc, now also supports AS3 / Flash Player 9
    • 2-way communication betwenn JS and Flash (via ExternalInterface)
    • The Flex™ AJAX Bridge (FABridge): "You can use the FABridge library to automatically expose your Flex application to AJAX-based HTML applications. Using the bridge, you can easily embed rich Flex components in your applications, integrating them tightly with the rest of the page content. After a Flex application is enabled through the bridge, JavaScript developers have access to all of the functionality it provides."
    • qooxdoo / Flex bridge (Mike Rea's post)
  • jsbridge: Python to Javascript bridge for Mozilla Applications

Widget-centric platforms

Declarative UI

  • OpenFlux: Custom component framework for Flex
  • Degrafa: Declarative graphics framework for Flex
  • Mozilla XUL
  • Adobe Flex

qooxdoo Toolbox

  • Browser-based build process for skeleton
    • "buildtool" as a prototype
    • Browser-frontend to build process
    • Browser talks to mini-web-server
    • User selects build options on frontend
    • mini-web-server creates generator options, invokes generator


  • Theme designer
    • standalone
    • addon to Inspector

GUI Builder

  • GUI designer
    • browser-based
    • Eclipse-based (GEF, VE)


  • jiffy-web: end-to-end real-world web page instrumentation and measurement suite
  • Visual tests: screen snapshot generation and comparison
  • Test Runner
    • Performance tests (not unit tests). Migrate existing performance tests, rework TimeTracker class.
  • Simulator
    • Selenium IDE support
    • qooxdoo replacement for Selenium
    • qooxdoo replacement for Selenium IDE (recording click trails, etc. in Widget inspector)

API Viewer

  • Full-text search
  • Add JavaScript native reference
  • Add DOM native reference

Hosted Services

  • Web frontends to demonstrate features of the tool chain:
    • JavaScript compressor + optimizer
    • Pretty printer
    • Ecmalint

IDE Support


  • Reorganisation
  • Rework Features, Benefits
  • Architectural overview
  • Diagrams
  • LGPL new linking
  • License FAQ